Members Update – March 2021
Members Update – March 2021

Members Update – March 2021

Our second year, which ended on the 31st Jan 2021, has again been a surprisingly successful year considering the pandemic which has limited our fund raising. 

Firstly, and foremost, many thanks to all our members from your Trustees for your continued support through these difficult times.

We have an extremely healthy balance of over £7,000, having raised in excess of £6,000 during the year, which was bolstered by £1,500 Gift Aid and a donation of £2,000. 

This has enabled the Friends to support the PPCC in their repair of the wall with a grant of £2,500 towards the cost of £4,000. This was necessary to avert a total rebuild in the future at a cost of more than £20K to £25K. 

The PPCC are now in the process of starting grant applications for the renewal of the North Chancel roof which is planned to go ahead late 2021 which the Friends will support. 

The Trustees have decided to delay the AGM until we are hopefully clear of Covid-19, hence the short update above. We have a provisional date of the 6th July 2021 at 7.30pm at Pebmarsh Village Hall.

Please keep this date free if possible. We will send out the Agenda etc. when we are sure we can go ahead. 

Jonathan Nott, Jim And Eileen Crayston, Rev Beverly Vincent, Sarah Burgess, Belynda Fellows, Perry Crimmins, John Flack 

Trustees of The Friends of Pebmarsh Church